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RACE Dance Company FAQs

What does R.A.C.E. stand for?

Radical Application of Creative Energy

Is RACE a non-profit company?  

Yes!  We attained our 501(c)(3) in 2011.  

What shows and other events has RACE been involved in?  

Hip Hop Nutcracker, He Said/She Said, Energy, Home, VAMP'D, Racey, Circle, ERACE, Grace Trumps, Race Ed., Amazing Race, Energy, Home, Okc Philharmonic, Oklahoma High School Festival, Okc Thunder, Okc Arts Festival, Arts Moves, Dead Center Film Festival, Pollard Theatre, Oklahoma Cultural Festival, Cancer Survival Dinner, Variety Care Benefit Show, and many more.

Why was RACE started? 

It was originally started by Hui Cha Poos to provide an outlet for dancers who did not want to move away for a professional dance experience.  It simply was an opportunity for those dancers to continue dancing but developed into a more causal organization.  

Dance brings people together and allows them the creative freedom to celebrate, mourn, laugh, and share in the commonality of life.  Our company is named RACE Dance Company to unite us through a force, which is bigger than us, and our differences.  
In this time of divisiveness, we strive to bring our community together by teaching, mentoring, modeling, and performing from a basis of love.  We give love through our classes, company rehearsals, and performances while encouraging thought provoking conversation through those works.  Our mission is to bring about social awareness and change, through dance performances and dance education.  We strive towards our mission with a Radical Application of Creative Energy that drives us to work with passion and intention.  
Our work in the community involves directly working with many (over 75 a year) OKCPS students to bridge the gap of opportunity in the dance world.  Since it's beginning RACE, Men of RACE, and Jr./Teen Company members have led Oklahoma dancers to new heights both in academia and the commercial/concert dance world.  You can find a former RACE dancer in LA, Vegas, New York, and beyond fulfilling their goals as a professional dancer, dance educator, studio owner, etc.  Hip Hop Nutcracker, one of RACE's most popular programs has been responsible for mentoring and guiding young dancers in underserved areas into several college programs since it's start four years ago.  And Men of RACE, Oklahoma's only all male Hip Hop Company has changed the stigma of dance for young boys and given them something to strive for in the future.  
One of the benefits of having such a local presence is its longevity and promise to future dancers in Oklahoma.  We're unlike a competition or dance studio in that we care about the community as a whole and hope to continue to grow ourselves, grow the dance community, as well as grow the minds and hearts of Oklahomans for many years to come.

Race Leadership 

Hui Cha Poos: Executive Director of RACE Dance Company

Emily South: RACE Artistic Director

Audrey Johnston: RACE Company Manager

John Ariete:  Men of RACE Artistic Director

Austin Nieves: Men of RACE Co-Company Manager

Chris Shepard: Men of RACE Co-Company Manager

Allison High: Junior and Teen RACE Artistic Director

Board of Directors

Alison Abbott

Nabeel Jamal

Amanda Lykes

Erin Brown

Gwen Mesikep

Benjamin Simms